Looking for a place to stay in London? Try the trendy but cheap Hoxton Hotel.

No frills but comfortable and with friendly staff, this hotel has attracted the presence of young celebrities such as Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, musician Pete Doherty and model-TV presenter Alexa Chung. Rooms start at the unbelievable price of £1 but realistically expect to pay £49 minimum a night if you book well in advance and up to £199 if you’re close to the date you want to stay, reports the Daily Mail.

Be prepared to be surprised. Instead of mini bars, the lobby sells wine and chocolate at supermarket prices and the rooms have a kettle and a fridge containing free bottled water and fresh milk. A ‘healthy’ breakfast of a banana, a Pret a Manger yogurt and an orange juice is included in the price of the room, or you can have something more substantial in the hotel’s Hoxton Grill for under £10. The grill also serves reasonably priced bistro style food (steak and chips cost £13). There's also a large cool bar area with DJs setting the pace in the evenings.

The hotel is located in Hackney in the Eat End of London near excelent restaurants and night clubs. Check out their website at www.hoxtonhotels.com or call 020 7550 1000. If you register at the hotel's website you will be eligible for their ‘sales’ and have the opportunity of getting a really good deal.

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