Looking for a few ideas for Honeymoons in 2012

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but a lot of couples get caught up in the stresses of planning it all and forget to even give any thought to their Honeymoon! Your Honeymoon is likely to be the priciest holiday you ever take, so we've put together a few destinations you should check out for your Honeymoon in 2012.

Luckily, the internet has a number of Travel Agents who specialise in Honeymoons, and the one we will be recommending today thanks to their low prices and wide variety of choice is Destinology at http://www.destinology.co.uk.

Destinology are a perfect resource for Honeymoon planning, as they have all the top Honeymoon destinations covered, and even have helpful guides to everywhere you could possibly go. According to a recent internet survey, the following places are the top ten honeymoon destinations on the planet:

1. Maldives, 2. Mauritius, 3. Dubai, 4. Thailand, 5, Seychelles, 6. Malaysia, 7. South Africa, 8. St. Lucia, 9. Bahamas, 10. Barbados.

Destinology have all of these destinations extremely well served, and they are even running some fantastic specials to them all. To give an idea of the kind of bargains you can hope to enjoy, you can book seven nights at the fantastic Sharm El Sheikh Hilton Waterfalls resort for just £645 per person.

All your bookings can be done within seconds using the booking engine on the Destinology site, so check them out today for a brilliant deal!

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