Looking for a cruise on a record-breaking liner? Look no further!

If you like to experience something different when on holiday, preferring to leave anything ‘run of the mill’ behind, then the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise ship is for you. When launched in 2009, it became the world’s largest cruise ship (its equally massive sister ship Allure of the Seas was launched at the very end of last year). ‘Weighing’ in at nearly five times the gross tonnage of the Titanic and 1.5 times longer than the U.S. Capitol building, size, it seems, does matter. This man-made marvel has 16 decks and can carry nearly 6.300 passengers plus 2,100 crew.

This ‘seeing-is-believing’ liner is a veritable floating city, with seven ‘neighbourhoods’, complete with theatre, casino, disco, spa, swimming pools and jacuzzis galore and much more. Passengers can choose from a whole range of activities designed to give top notch entertainment, including Broadway shows, and enjoy fine dining in the multiple restaurants, or snack in the cafés and bars.

The Oasis of the Seas offers weeklong sailings in the western and eastern Caribbean, departing from Port Everglades in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale. Check www.oasisoftheseas.com for an idea of just how awesome this liner is and www.cruise.expedia.com for an example of prices, where you’ll see that you can depart on the 14th or 28th of May, ( Jamaica and Mexico are just 2 of the Caribbean ports of call) for just $915 per person (excluding taxes). Bon Voyage!

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