Looking for a cheap hotel?

If you’ve found yourself a cheap flight and are now looking for a cheap hotel to go with it, look no further. If you book before midnight on the 12th of August you can save up to 40% on stays between now and the 31st of December. That means that not only can you organize an autumn break, but even book for Christmas if you feel like escaping the festive frenzy.

This offer is available exclusively on loyalty.octopustravel.co.uk for select hotels in select destinations which include London, Dublin and Glasgow close to home, Paris, Rome, Florence Amsterdam and Barcelona if you fancy hopping over to the continent, and Dubai for those looking to escape the winter weather. Alternatively, if you decided to skip your summer holiday this year and are regretting it, it’s not too late!

For example, Octopus Travel are advertising price slashes on hotels in London from £43 to £28, in Rome from £44 to £28 and hotels in Dubai from £24 per night. All prices are based on a minimum three star TripAdvisor rating. We searched the site for hotels in Dubai and found a double room at the Landmark Plaza hotel for the night of the 11th of August for £31.10 including tax and fees. The hotel has a 3.5 TrypAdvisor rating out of 5 and is a 15 minute ride from the airport.

A good budget option is the Hostel Plus in Florence. The hostel is one km from the station and has a four star TrypAdvisor rating. A double costs just £45.96 including breakfast tax and fees per night, and the hostel has an indoor pool and sauna.

So log on now, see what’s available and book before the 12th to make sure you get yourself a good deal!

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