Far flung long weekend breaks

For many people, long weekend breaks are all about relaxation and long lie ins. However, others want to squeeze out every bit of travel they can - and for these people, we've compiled a list of far flung destinations that you can realistically visit from the UK for three or four days.


Few destinations scream "exotic" like Marrakech. British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomson Airways and BMI all fly from London to Marrakech (and some also fly from Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham). Marrakech is just a four hour flight time from the UK, making it a very accessible choice for long weekend breaks.

Hong Kong

Luxury shopping, a stunning city skyline, remote mountain peaks... Hong Kong has it all. Overnight flights from London (with British Airways or Cathay Pacific) make it a real contender for a weekend break - depart on Friday evening and wake up in time for breakfast in Hong Kong!


With just a two hour time difference between the UK and Nairobi, you won't have to worry about jet lag on your Kenyan holiday. Virgin Atlantic and KLM both over overnight flights to Nairobi (flight times are around 10 hours). Once there, you'll find plenty of operators offering two or three day safaris.


Searching for the midnight sun or the northern lights? Fly to Iceland with Icelandic Air and you could be looking at them in under four hours. Reykjavik has a vibrant cultural scene, a nightlife that rivals any European city, and the surrounding countryside is simply breathtaking.

New York

The east coast of the United States is very do-able for long weekend breaks. Flight times are in and around nine hours to New York, with red eye flights available on several major airlines. Everybody should see New York at least once in their lifetime, so take advantage of that long weekend and book those flights!

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