London’s Retro haunts: what’s old is new.

London has always been renowned for its quirky, avant-garde fashion and trend-setting life style. Foreigners, in the days when they lived under more constraints, loved the freedom, especially the Carnaby Street scene in the sixties, when the mini skirt rocked and shocked. Now it’s not just sixty’s nostalgia that appeals, reports Travel and Leisure Magazine. The ‘Bright Young Things’ are embracing the style of days gone by with a passion, from old-school sweet stores to traditional chip shops.

Try Geales, in Notting Hill, (2 Farmer Street) for gourmet fish and chips. The chippy dates back to 1939 but has been newly renovated, is up-market, with a champagne and oyster bar but hasn’t forgotten old favourites, serving great fried cod and haddock along with oysters and the classic shrimp cocktail.

Those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for a blast from the past can head to the 1950s-style Hope and Greenwood sweet shop (pictured) in Covent Garden. Go down memory lane and pick and mix from glass jars brimming with classic Mint Humbugs, Raspberry Ruffles, and Traffic Light Lollies, then move on to the East End’s Treacle cafe for afternoon tea with jammy dodgers and buttercream cupcakes.

Then end your evening in Bourne & Hollingsworth’s basement bar in Fitzrovia, with its heavily old-fashioned décor. Choose a ‘prohibition’ speakeasy theme night, when vintage gin cocktails arrive hidden in teapots, as Billie Holliday music plays in the background.

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