Find the best deals for your London Zoo day trip

A London Zoo day trip can be the highlight of a weekend break in the capital for families. Regent's Park Zoo remains one of London's most popular attractions. By taking advantage of discounts, group deals and cut-price offers it is possible to enjoy a day at the zoo without breaking the bank.

Save on admission

If you plan your London Zoo day trip well in advance, it is possible to take advantage of lower admission prices and avoid long queues to buy tickets at the gate.

Those who book online can save 10% by entering the code 1234 in the promotion code box when booking tickets on the website. Tickets bought online are regarded as fast track tickets, so you don't have to join the lines at the Regent's Park gates. There is a minimum purchase of two adult and two child tickets, or one adult and three child tickets to qualify.

If you are travelling in a group of friends, take a look at the discounts for groups. Groups of ten or more people will receive a 20% discount on their ticket prices if they are purchased online in advance, or a 15% reduction if they are bought at the gate.

For the best deals, avoid the peak tourist season. London Zoo offers three different admission periods: Peak, Mid and Winter. The Winter period stretches from November to February and offers the best rates. The zoo will be less crowded at this time of year, and some regular visitors prefer to come in the cooler months.

If you or your family love the zoo, consider taking out membership. This can be very cost-effective as members have unlimited access to London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo for 364 days of the year.

Claim for concessions

Make sure you don't overpay for your London Zoo day trip. There are different prices for adults and children, but there are also concession tickets available for students, seniors and the disabled. There is free entry for a carer with any disabled ticket that is bought online. You need to enter the code 1001 to obtain this ticket.

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