Looking for London Weekend Breaks from Dublin?

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London weekend breaks from Dublin are easy to find. Your best bet is to book flights from Dublin for a Friday and return on a Sunday for the best value for money.

London is famous for its regal architecture and here you can visit the royal palace and take pictures of the unflinching guards on duty. London offers so much in the shopping stakes from fabulous market areas with bargains and trinkets galore. You can then move to the high end and shop in the world famous Harrods or just meander your way through the high streets for an afternoon's entertainment.

At night London has a splendid array of eateries. There are so many types and styles of restaurants in London and great deals can be found in this competitive market. You can choose from Mexican to a modern themed chip shop that serves calamari as well as champagne and you can go on the London Eye for a night cap.

Going to London would not be complete without a trip to the Westend Theatre District where you can see anything from Legally Blonde to Les Miserables. All shows are the highest of quality. London is also great for museums and galleries like the National History Museum and the Wax Museum.

Flight prices start from as little as €29.99 with Aer Lingus or Ryan Air and can go up to €100. Make sure to book in advance, take only cabin luggage and be flexible with weekday flight dates. Late Rooms is great for hotel price comparisons and all hotels are graded according to star rating and distance from the city centre. Hotel prices start at €70 per room and that sleeps up to three people.

It's never been cheaper or easier or more worthwhile to visit the magnificent metropolis that is London. Find London weekend breaks from Dublin now!

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