London Underground Night Tube Service Announced

The good news for Londoners is that tube trains will now run through the night during the weekends, but London Underground has also announced that 750 workers are being made redundant as there are plans to close ticket offices.

The closures will save Transport for London up to £270million over the next five years. Unions have accused TfL and Boris Johnson’s office of hiding the bad news with the 24 hour tube train news, which Bob Crow of the RMT called, “a smokescreen to try and camouflage the real issue which is a savage cuts to jobs, access and safety.” But even if that’s the case, the opening of the tube stations throughout the night has to be a bonus for anyone in the capital at the weekends.

The new “night tube” service begins in 2015 and will run on Friday and Saturday nights on major parts of the network. A part of the announcement covered the now thorny issue of ticket payment, which will be able to be made direct with banking cards. The network starts along the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines, and some sections of the Northern line. The new service will unite the bus service for integrated transport links throughout the night.

Mike Brown, MD of London Underground, said: "Rebuilt stations, new trains and signalling systems mean we are now running some of the most frequent metro services anywhere in Europe. To meet the challenge of London's growing population and development, we must continue to invest and deliver even more efficiently in future."

The city’s Mayor, Boris Johnson added: “For 150 years the tube has been the beating heart of London, its tunnels and tracks providing the arteries that have transported millions of people and helped to drive the development and economic growth of our great city.”

TfL are also promising an extension of the Wi-Fi network which will cover all underground stations by 2015 and better access for disabled passengers.

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