London travel: the West End

It's lively. It’s famous. It’s where the bits you've seen from films and postcards are. The West End in London is basically right between the Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch underground stations going from east to west, and Goodge Street and Embankment stations going from north to south.

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What you’re looking at in this little area is a whistle stop tour of most London guidebooks – Oxford Street for its shops, Soho for its bars and restaurants, Leicester Square for film premieres, Trafalgar Square for Nelson’s Column, Covent Garden for street entertainment, Regent Street for the Piccadilly Circus (there aren't a lot of clowns and lions, but there are tons of photo opportunities).

The West End is best seen in the daytime or on a weeknight. Friday and Saturday evenings see an influx of the worst kind of English person – people from the suburbs (shudder). They turn up in the same uniform, bad shirts for boys and not much at all for the orange-skinned girls, and drink incredibly expensive drinks ‘til they fight or vomit. Or both. Normal Londoners won’t be caught dead here on these days. They’ll be doing the same but for less money within a few minutes from their homes.

The West End is filled with history, good shopping, celebrity sightings, and some amazing tourist attractions - just get out before the sun sets!

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