Fly from London Heathrow to Mumbai with the cheapest flights

London to Mumbai cheapest flights

India’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan city is just over a 9 hour flight away from London and you too could be enjoying the whirlwind metropolis. If you are interested in exploring the city that gave the world the glamour of Bollywood and intoxicating flavours of Indian cuisine then you have come to the right place. Read on for details of flying from London Heathrow to Mumbai on the cheapest flights.

British Airways fly twice a day direct from London Heathrow to Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji airport. With this airline you have the option of departing at either 10.15am or 9.25pm. Prices for return flights start from £610 and include all taxes and airport fees.

To check availability, visit www.britishairways.com.

Another good option when looking to travel from London to Mumbai with the cheapest flights is through Air India. The flag carrier airline of India operates three flights out of London Heathrow on a daily basis. These flights depart at 9.45am, 1.40pm and 9.30pm. Air India offer slightly cheaper flights than British Airways, with current return fares available from £468.

For schedule listings and details of in-flight services and entertainment check out www.airindia.in.

If you are not bothered about flying direct then you can find some real savings on flights between London and Mumbai with a stopover in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Airlines operates a number of services from London Heathrow that connect in Colombo Bandaranaike airport. Fares for these flights start from an incredible £374, which is a huge saving when compared to other airlines.

You will find full fare details and departure times at www.srilankan.lk.

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