London: the worst capital for food

Sausages and mash might warm your cockles on a cold Winter's night and fish and chips might tickle your taste-buds on the beach in Summer, but a recent survey has revealed that London is the worst European city for food.

With results that might offend the heartiest and largest of London's gastrophiles, the survey also indicated that London was the most exciting European city to visit and one of the cleanest, boasting a great transport system that allowed holiday-makers easy access around the city's sights.

The winner of the gastronomic title of best city for food went to Rome (big surprise) but the Eternal City's transport infrastructure was found wanting. Istanbul was voted the most dangerous, Zurich the cleanest, Lisbon the best value for money and the dirtiest was thought to be Athens, in the survey carried out by TripAdvisor.

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