Expect a great journey with London short breaks by train

Ditch the plane for the train, where the journey becomes part of the fun. Sit back and relax, before you enjoy the attractions of going on one of the many London short breaks by train, on offer at the moment.

There are some real bargains when you travel to London by train and combine your rail ticket with a wide choice of hotel accommodation. As well as saving money you will avoid the London congestion charge, expensive parking and a stressful journey to and from your hotel.

There are numerous websites offering great deals on short breaks by train to London. Openroads.com allows you to plan and build your own flexible break. You can browse and book short breaks on the companies website.

You can book your rail tickets, choose a hotel and add one or more attractions. You can even book an Oyster card for travel on London's bus and tube network and claim discounts at restaurants.

Superbreak.com is also a great site to get a good deal. They operate short breaks to London by train from Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Peterborough, amongst many others.

Booking a hotel & return rail ticket with Superbreak saves you time and money. It is very easy to book online, just select your departure station to see rail tickets and hotel prices. At present they are offering a break for two nights in London from £85.

Other companies offering London short breaks by train include East Coast, National Express and East Midlands Trains. With so much on offer isn't time you started riding the rails to London.


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