Your options for London to Rome Flights

The air link between London and Rome benefits from cheap prices and numerous airlines operating between the two cities. With departures from Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow, and arrivals into both Fiumicino and Ciampino, travellers to the Italian capital are spoilt for choice. Read on for a comprehensive overview of all the current offerings for London to Rome flights.

For budget travellers Ryanair's service from Stansted to Ciampino operates three times a day in both directions. Flights start from £17.99 per person excluding taxes and fees, though expect extra charges for early boarding and checking luggage into the hold. Ryanair also fly daily from Gatwick to Ciampino for only £27.

Also operating out of Gatwick are Easyjet, whose flights cost from £70 for a return flight to Fiumicino, Rome's major airport. This price includes all fees and taxes, so makes for an affordable option.

British Airway's Gatwick to Fiumicino flights, meanwhile, start from £61 for a one-way ticket, including all extra charges. This is a good option for the business travellers, those who wish to take excess baggage, or those who prefer a full-service airline complete with free drinks and food. British Airways also fly from Heathrow, however these flights are a little more expensive, starting at £81 for a one-way flight.

Finally, Alitalia, Italy's national airline, fly from Heathrow to Fiumicino for the reasonable price of £144 for a return flight inclusive of all taxes and surcharges. Alitalia fly 5 times a day between the cities and can offer flight connections all across Italy as well as to destinations across the globe such as Tokyo Narita or Charles de Gaulle.

If you are travelling from London to Rome on a flight, look around to book the option best for you. While some flights to Ciampino are cheaper, the airport has far less facilities and options for connections than Fiumicino. On the plus side, however, Ciampino is closer to central Rome than its much larger competitor.

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