From London to Philippines holidays

The South East Asian country of the Philippines is a nation that consists of over 7,000 islands between the Philippine sea and the South China Sea. If you combine all it's beaches it adds up to the world's biggest coastline and it would take two or three decades to explore each island and with such a vast piece of land to discover and explore, we are not surprised that you are considering London Philippines holidays. Before you travel it is probably important to note that the climate is tropical, therefore from March to May they experience Summer and are the hottest months and from June to October the rainy season starts with possible typhoons.

The Philippines is a delightful place to spend a break and nowhere more so than the Maribago Cebu Bluewater Hotel. For a ten night stay it will cost you £1232. Royal bungalows at this resort are located on the beach and further include a separate living space and spacious balcony with hammocks. The Hotel has a wide range of restaurants with wonderful cuisine and during the day take advantage of all the watersports and activities the hotel provides on the beach on your doorstep. This deal is from wowphilippines.co.uk.

A slightly more expensive hotel is the Shangri-La Cebu. This five star resort is ideal for families with a wide range of activities to keep them entertained and also there is one of the largest and most luxurious spas in the region located at the resort. For a ten night stay in this incredible hotel it will set you back £1529 but I guarantee you won't forget your London Philippines holidays in a hurry.

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