Find the cheapest London to Perth flights

Perth is one of the most beautiful, cleanest cities in the world. The view of the city’s skyline from the far side of the Swan River is beautiful - and almost worth that long flight in itself! Whatever your interests, Perth is well worth a visit.

There are many flights and many flight companies that offer London to Perth flights. Use the website skyscanner.net to find the best deal for your flight. Skyscanner is a very easy site to use - by putting in a random day in a few months away, and looking for a one way flight to Perth from any London airport, we found 84 flights from 19 different airlines. Prices ranged from £474 to £5,471. The majority of flights will make one stop along the way, some make two.

Air Asia are a great company to use. They offer flights at highly competitive prices. When on the flight, it doesn’t feel like you are on a budget airline - they treat you well and look after you. When we checked, they offered the cheapest flight (at £474). One bad thing about Air Asia flights is that there is no built in entertainment units, which are great for passing time during the long flight, but you can buy hand held entertainment units for a small price, and they're full of movies, music and games.

Emirates are a fantastic airline that offer this flight for £737 through Skyscanner. Although quite a lot more expensive than Air Asia, this is still a competitive price to fly to Perth from London. Food and drinks and entertainment are all included with Emirates flights. You feel like a first class customer even sitting in coach!

Finding a good flight is important - you can save a good bit of money by hunting around, or you can pay a lot more than you need by not looking around. When flying, the most important thing is getting where you want to go. Remember that when flying London to Perth you are on the plane for a long time and have to make stops, so sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more and get a fancy flight over!

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