London mini breaks by rail; a great way to see the city

London mini breaks by rail have become hugely popular with UK residents. If you have never been to London and only have a weekend off to see the place it can be difficult. That's why rail trips have no become extremely popular.

Hit up the 'Superbreak' (http://www.superbreak.com) website and head to the East Midlands Train Rail Offer. Here you will find an amazing 2 nights in the London Hotel and a return ticket from any East Midlands location.

This is such a great way to check out London while you leave the car at home. Why would you want to leave your car? With rail you have no petrol worries, no traffic jams and you pass all of the iconic locations around this amazing city.

What's even better about this deal is that you can add tickets to the best attractions that London has to offer. Basically you can pick up your rail tickets and all of the attractions are covered. This means no queuing, no sold out signs, just get to London and have a fantastic time.

£79.99 will get you 2 nights at the 3 star London hotel and your rail tickets. If you want to bring people along you can upgrade and only pay £25 a head. On the website you will find a list of the available attractions and the prices so be sure to check them out.

A weekend in a 3 star hotel for only £79.99, not bad right? London mini breaks by rail are the business!


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