London: memorable capital city places.

There’s so much to do and see in London that a list of ‘must-see’ places could go on forever. We’ve chosen three of our favourite places to hang out from a list by the Daily Telegraph.

It’s de rigueur to go for a tramp on Hampstead Heath (Hampstead, NW6), known as ‘the lungs of London’. Six kilometers north of the city, this immense rambling and hilly park stands proud over an area at one of London’s highest points. Visit English Heritage maintained Kenwood House which dates from the early 17th century. There are idyllic popular lakeside concerts held on the Kenwood Estate in the summer. Call in at one of London’s oldest pubs, the Spaniard’s Inn, to refuel. Why not combine a stroll on the Heath with a trip to Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx is buried and you can also visit Camden market.

Another must-see draw is the wonderful thatched reconstruction of Shakespeare’s great open air Playhouse, the Globe (New Globe Walk, Bankside SE1). Especially fun on a balmy summer’s evening, performances in this round theatre are electric at any time of year.

Wind up the evening with drinks and a snack at the unique Gordon’s Wine Bar (47 Villiers Street, WC2) which hasn’t changed for years. Its subterranean setting makes London’s oldest wine bar easy to miss, but once downstairs you’ll find a buzzing atmosphere, excellent sherry and port served from casks behind the bar, and beware; this tavern is also famous for its pongy but delicious cheese.

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