Thinking of travelling over for the London Marathon?

London Marathon

Have you always wanted to take in a marathon holiday in a different city? Thousands of dedicated runners travel around the globe each and every year to race in marathons, and the London Marathon is no different, attracting a large minority of it's runners from other shores. If you are interested in taking part in a London Marathon Holiday, then we have all the information you will need in this blog.

Running a marathon is one of the biggest things a person can do in their lives. It requires a serious training commitment, but it also delivers an unbelievable sense of satisfaction if you can pull it off and finish. This satisfaction will be increased a huge amount if you run it in aid of a charity, and the London Marathon encourages you to do so. To check out the website of the 2012 marathon, simply visit http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/.

The London Marathon website even has a dedicated information page for people from other countries who are looking to compete and you can find it at http://static.realbuzz.com/vlm/downloads/pdf/2012_tour_operators.pdf. To view that file, you must be able to view .pdf files on your computer, but it gives you all the information about the approved tour operators holding places on the marathon if you are interested in taking part.

Finally, you will need to source accommodation for yourself in London ahead of the marathon, so we suggest checking out www.laterooms.com/ for a brilliant deal on a hotel in London.

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