London Jamaica Holidays – More Than Just a Beach Escape

If you’re looking for a beach holiday with a cultural twist, then Jamaica might be the right answer for you. Located just south of Cuba, Jamaica is a Caribbean island with a rich history dating back to the era of Columbus. Nature is spectacular in Jamaica as well, so you will get the chance to experience fabulous landscapes and visit incredible national parks.

On the north coast of the island, you can see the Dunns River Falls, which is the one of the most renowned Jamaican attractions. Moving on to Montego Bay, you will get the chance to discover Doctor’s Cave Beach, Rockland’s Feeding Station and the Rose Hall Great House.

If all this sounds tempting, you should take a look at some London Jamaica holidays for this summer. You can find numerous options on different websites, so it shouldn’t be that hard to choose. One of the websites you should consider is travelbagcaribbean.co.uk. Here you will find several holiday packages to Jamaica that include flights from London. With prices from £649, you can book a week’s stay at Rooms on the Beach, an accommodation facility located on the North Coast of Jamaica, in the popular Ocho Rios beach resort.

For all-inclusive London Jamaica holidays you can go to travelmatch.co.uk. Here you will be able to book a holiday at the Holiday Inn Sun Spree in Montego Bay, with prices from £793 per person. This is a great choice if you want to blend lazy days at the beach with sightseeing in Montego Bay.

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