London Grub[s]

First off, jellied eels are definitely worth trying. Ask for their special bottle of vinegar, packed with chillies. If you don't want to try eels, which have been added to the endangered list, go for some whelks or cockles instead. Best buys on Goulston Street (Petticoat Lane Market) and High Street Walthamstow, TubbyIsaacs.

The pie and mash at F Cooke's Pie & Mash is prepared and sold in much the same way as it has been since the shop opened in 1867 – although with fresh ingredients! 150 Hoxton Street, N1; RealHoxton.

There is a reason why Petra Barran is the queen of UK street food, and runs the Eat St organisation. Check out her Grand Cru Chocolate brownies and the Venezuelan hot chocolate with a touch of spice.

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