Travel From London to France By Ferry

London to France by ferry

If you are taking time to explore or traveling abroad, you ought to see both London and Paris. These two exciting cities offer every type of entertainment, beautiful countrysides and great holiday fun. Save time, money and confusion by following these recommendations when traveling from London to Paris.

Chart your course from London, England to Dover, England via train. Use a taxi or bus from the Dover train station to the Dover Eastern Docks. The next connection is your choice of ferry from Dover over to Calais, France. From Calais you can easily catch a train to Paris.

Train Departing London to Dover

Take your choice of trains departing from London with arrivals in Dover. Choose from the London's Charing Cross, which runs about every 30 minutes or select London's Victoria train station. There is no reserved seating on the Charing Cross train. Purchase London-Dover train tickets on the morning you wish to travel. Trip time departing London to Dover averages about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Train schedules are found at www.nationalrail.co.uk. Provide plenty of time to catch your ferry. Most ferries prefer check-in 45 minutes before departure.

Your train will arrive at the Dover Priory station. From the train station, you can choose transportation to the Dover Eastern Docks. Transportation options include walking for about 35 minutes, taxi service or taking a bus. Buses run every 20 minutes.

Ferry Departing Dover to Calais

The next leg of your journey is sailing on a ferry from Dover over to Calais. Ferry services include P&O Ferries and SeaFrance, which can be found at www.poferries.com and www.seafrance.co.uk.

This portion of the journey by ferry will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Reservations can be booked online for either ferry service or tickets can be purchased directly from the ferry services at the Dover docks. The ferry will deliver you safely to the Calais Maritime terminal in France.

Train Departing Calais to Paris

Upon arriving in Calais, you can easily walk to the Calais Ville station in about 15 minutes or use a shuttle bus. Leave yourself plenty of time to catch the train in Calais for Paris.

Plan your trip well and you will find travelling from London to a France ferry is but a few simple steps.

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