Cheap London flats to rent

London flats

Finding a flat to rent in London can be a tedious exercise especially when not armed with knowledge of where to find affordable yet suitable houses. Before embarking on a search, ask yourself some questions. How long will you be staying? Which part of the city do you intend to stay? How much are you willing to pay? Is the flat convenient for your travel needs? These are just some of the questions you need to answer when trying to find cheap London flats to rent.

If you will stay in London for a short period, usually for one week to three months, flat sharing will be cheaper. Although it is cheap, you will have to share some necessities such as toilets or bathrooms with other people. Alternatively, you can find short stay apartments in London. You will only rent the apartment for the period of your stay. However, it may be expensive since they charge per day or per week.

If staying for more than a month but less than six months, a short term flat will be economical. Nonetheless, you will be required to pay a larger deposit but the prices will be low. When staying for more than six months, a long term flat will be a more viable option. The initial costs will be larger and at times, a bond will be required but it will be cheaper in the long run and comfortable.

A better deal is renting a serviced apartment. It is furnished with what you need such as kitchens, bedrooms, furniture among others. This ensures you do not have to invest in these necessities. In addition, you will be comfortable. An online search will be the best place to start searching for cheap London flats.

The www.zoopla.co.uk website will give you the option to find flats whether for sharing, renting or for holiday purposes. You will have to specify the minimum price you are willing to pay which ranges from £25 to £7, 500 depending on your budget.

www.foxtons.co.uk is another great site to search for cheap London flats. The price ranges from £140 per week while you will pay £607 per month. The highest prices are £1,000 per week while you pay £4,334 per month. These prices will however depend on the location and individual specifications of individual London flats.

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