London - dirtiest and priciest city in Europe

Well well well. London is dirty and expensive, with lots of nice parks and people who are hostile to tourists. A new survey by TripAdvisor has ranked London the dirtiest and priciest city in Europe. Sidestepping dog poo on Parisian streets, the survey rated the French capital 'most romantic city', as well as top of the pops in cuisine...and second in 'most attractive locals!' Pah!

So is London mainland Europe's big fat embarrassing friend? Certainly not, snort snort! In actual fact London swooped the best gong going. TripAdvisor called it 'best city for nightlife' - aka King of the Euro Dancefloor. A night out in London might cost you a farthing or three - but by jibbers it's worth it.

Belgium on the flipside fared badly in the being even a bit interesting stakes. Noone gave two hoots about Belgian chocolate and beer as Brussels made off with 'most forgettable city' booby prize. And can't say we disagree. Last time StyledLife wound up in Brussels it was because we'd got on the wrong connecting flight to Somewhere More Interesting. And it wasn't much fun!

Just in case you need any help deciding your next weekend city break, check out the rest of the results below courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Best Bargain European City: 1. Prague 2. Budapest 3. Lisbon

Most Expensive: 1. London 2. Paris 3. Rome

Friendliest Locals: 1. Dublin 2. Amsterdam 3. London

Best Cuisine: 1. Paris 2. Rome 3. Florence

Best Shopping: 1. Paris 2. London 3. Rome

Best Night Life: 1. London 2. Amsterdam 3. Paris

Best Public Parks: 1. London 2. Paris 3. Barcelona

Most Romantic: 1. Paris 2. Venice 3. Rome

Most Attractive Locals: 1. Rome 2. Paris 3. Stockholm

Cleanest: 1. Zurich 2. Copenhagen 3. Stockholm

Dirtiest: 1. London 2. Paris 3. Rome

Most Unfriendly Hosts: 1. Paris 2. London 3. Moscow

Most Boring : 1. Brussels 2. Zurich 3. Warsaw

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