Explore the Attractions of the Capital with London City Rail Breaks

From historic to modern attractions, London has something to offer to everyone. The Tower of London, London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, British Museum and the National Gallery are just a few of the famous attractions that await you if you choose London city rail breaks.

Going to London by rail is an affordable and convenient way to discover the sights of the city. A railbreak is definitely cheaper than choosing to go to London by plane or even by car. By booking your trip in advance, you will benefit from even lower prices, which will allow you to have more money to spend on souvenirs and nights out in the city.

At SuperBreak.com you can book a rail short break to London by East Coast. A typical break includes two nights’ accommodation a three star London hotel from £ 97 per person. From £ 47 perperson you can upgrade to first class, which will allow you to increase the comfort of your journey, with complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks, more time on your break and free wi-fi.

With GreatGeataways.co.uk you can book a London rail city break that includes 1-2 nights accommodation in a 4 or 5 star hotel, all breakfasts and an AA guide book and map. Prices start at £ 99 per person including accommodation at the Tower Hotel, which features one ofthe most spectacular views in London. From £ 23 per person, you can add a Theatre Break at one of the most popular shows of the West End.

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