London city breaks from Belfast

When summer time comes around there is a hell bent rush to find deals on weekend breaks and summer holidays. Northern Irish travellers looking to visit a city for a long weekend are spoilt for choice with the number of destinations from Belfast and surrounding airports.

For an easy breaks that is just a short hop away though London breaks leaving from Belfast are a perfect option. At less than one hour away from Belfast, London is a cracking city for everything from sightseeing to night clubbing and shopping. Budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet often have deals on flights that offer rock bottom prices. Even on none special offer flights, budget airlines are affordable and open to everyone.

Once you have searched for London breaks from Belfast and booked accomodation for your stay, it is time to start thinking about where to go during your break. With some of the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe, London is a clothes lovers dream.

Night lovers will be spolit for choice in London, with each area having its own identity and attracting a different crowd. A long and intriguing history leads the way for masses of museums and a thriving contemporary art scene brings in a happy student population. There is something for everyone in London.

Booking London breaks from Belfast is as easy as 1-2-3-with so many search facilities avilable on the internet. Choose your dates and preferred price range and let technology do the hard work for you. Enjoy today!


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