Where to Find London BMW Car Rentals Online

London BMW

It can be a challenge finding luxury car rentals in London, and BMW cars also fall under this category. The good news is that you're able to choose between a number of agencies, so let's look at two of the top options?

expressrentacar.co.uk is the first site on our list and this rental agency offers city cars, executive, range rovers and carriers, minibuses or vans for hire. If you're looking for a stylish BMW to use while you're in London, you should head to the executive section. There are 3, 5, and 7 series BMWs available for hire on this site. The most affordable BMW is the BMW 7 series, and this can be hired for £170 per day or £985 per week. The car has climate control, satellite navigation, a CD player, a stylish leather interior, a long wheel base, and hire also includes a delivery and collection service.

signaturecarhire.co.uk is another site you just cannot miss if you're in London looking for BMW car hire agencies. All you need to do to head directly to the BMW section is to click on the BMW logo at the top of the page. The BMW 650 CI Sport convertible will cost you £295 a day with a two day minimum, and if you hire it for four days or more you can get it for £265 a day. A four day weekend will cost you £885. This URL, http://www.signaturecarhire.co.uk/bmw-hire/bmw-650-ci-sport-convertible-rental.aspx, will take you straight to the specifications page, and this includes a full gallery.

These sites will make it easy to hire a London BMW luxury car for your visit, so be sure to bookmark these! You never know when you might need it.

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