The Best of London Banjul Holidays

Banjul is the capital of The Gambia. Banjul is one tourist destination for holidays and vacations. There are many London to Banjul holidays to choose from. Banjul offers a warm, tropical climate throughout the year. This is great for people who want to travel and get away from the cold.

Flight Packages

Flights from London to Banjul range in price depending on the day of the week. Prices range from £280 round trip to £820. Airlines that offer these flight routes include Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa. Travelers can get discounted London to Banjul holidays package deals through websites such as Holiday Genie, FlyThomasCook.com and Travelsor.

Kombo Beach Hotel

Located in the vibrant city of Gambia, Kombo Beach offers a relaxing option for a beach holiday. The hotel offers a vast array of sports activities. Tourists can play volleyball, tennis, pool and aerobics. People can relax among the luxurious tropical gardens and nature trails. Travelers can also experience live entertainment. There are theme dinners, local bands and dancing venues. There are three types of rooms, superior, premium and suites. All the rooms are on the first or second floor and have a outdoor balcony or terrace. Pricing at Kombo Beach runs at £53 per night.

Laico Atlantic Hotels

The Laico Atlantic Hotels is situated along an ocean oasis. It is only 10 minutes away from the capital of Banjul. The hotels feature a bird sanctuary, rose garden and sandy beaches. There are 204 rooms and 4 suites. The hotels also feature 3 restaurants for fine dining. Additionally, there are 5 bars. Amenities include an outdoor pool, volleyball court, tennis court and basketball courts. There is also a nightclub. Pricing at Laico Atlantic starts at £60 per night.



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