Little and miniature London attractions!

Sick of tacky souvenirs, overpriced entrance fees and long queues? On your next trip to London, why not take some time to explore a few of the lesser known London attractions? These little sights will let you see a whole different side to the capital, and one that most tourists miss.

Little Ben

So we've all heard of Big Ben, but have you heard about his baby brother Little Ben? The cast iron miniature clock tower stands close to Victoria Station (in front of Victoria Palace Theatre) and was erected in 1892 as a gesture of Franco-British friendship. The clock tower's plaque is inscribed with a rhyming couplet by J.W.R.:

My hands you may retard or may advance / My heart beats true for England as for France.

Little Venice

Just north of Paddington, you'll find Little Venice, a picturesque pool where the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals meet. In the centre is Browning’s Island, named after the English poet Robert Browning who lived in the area from 1862 to 1887. This is a beautiful residential area of manicured gardens, tree lined streets and grand Victorian houses, but there are also plenty of waterside restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the views and soak up the atmosphere.

Bekonscot Model Village

The world's oldest model village is just a short drive from central London. Bekonscot, in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, is famous for its impressive model railway and six tiny villages: Greenhaily, Bekonscot, Southpool, Hanton, Splashyng, Evenlode and Epwood. If you're looking for London attractions for children, Bekonscot Model Village is a great option.

Little People Project

Of all the London attractions, the Little People street art project might is probably the hardest to find. The street artist Slinkachu has been leaving tiny models of people in creative set ups since 2006. Slinkachu also "customised" a number of London snails in a project called ‘Inner City Snail – a slow moving street art project’. So next time you're in London, look down - you never know what you might be missing!

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