Lollipop Holidays: The Best Rates for the Best Places in the World

Lollipop holidays are basically no-fuss holiday offerings from lollipop.co.uk, a company that prides itself for having no fancy website and yet one that excels in getting the lowest and most attractive deals for their clients. This company is also part of sunshine.co.uk. One great thing about this company is that it offers deals for both popular and unique places, ranging from Majorca, Spain to Florida to St. Kitts and Slovenia.

Are You in the Mood for Something Unique?

How about booking for a week’s stay – or longer – in Slovenia? Even if you don’t speak Slovenian, you don’t need words to gasp at the alpine beauty of the country, especially when you book a stay in Bled, one of the resort towns that Lollipop offers accommodations in. The resort town of Bled is just a short distance away from a valley that will take you all the way to the Triglav National Park. The resort town also offers great skiing as well as ample areas that you can explore while hiking or cycling. Other outdoor activities like paragliding and kayaking are also available.

How about Visiting One of the World’s Best Known Paradises?

Lollipop holidays also offer all-inclusive packages for the most sought-after destinations such as Jamaica. If you are in the mood for a tropical vacation with your family, this website can help you book for the lowest rates for fare and accommodation. One of their offerings is for the Grand Palladium, a resort and spa hotel in Montego Bay that offers guests a choice among five swimming pools, multiple sport courts, a game room and water sport facilities that include water polo.

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