Log Cabins Holidays in Scotland: Available from the City and Countryside

Log cabins holidays in Scotland are perfect because of the region’s constantly cool weather. More importantly, log cabins are not only exclusively available in quiet and rural areas. If you prefer country-style living in the middle of the city, you are sure to find some of that too.

Short Break Options in the Countryside

If you look hard enough, you are sure to find a number of log cabins available for short break rentals. Most log cabins – and other self-catering accommodations – only offer weekly rates, but there are always a few exceptions to the rule. One of such exceptions is the Waterfront Lodge Plus, which you can view at watersidebreaks.com. This waterfront log cabin offers luxurious accommodations for up to six persons and can also provide a holiday home for your pets. It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms, together with access to your own sandy beach. Besides panoramic highland landscapes, the Waterfront Lodge Plus also offers you private access to an area ripe for game fishing, bird watching, sailing and many other fantastic activities.

Intimate Stays in the City

At scottishholidays.net, you can check out the East Lochhead Cottages. The family-owned set of cottages offer you a chance to enjoy a home away from home, one that reminds you of cosy times spent in front of the fireplace, while being just a short distance away from all the best city pleasures of Glasgow and The Clyde.

Staying at the East Lochhead Cottages is one of the best log cabins holidays in Scotland that you can have because of all its perks. There’s free Internet access, available storage areas for bicycles, free airport pick-ups and transfers, accommodations for your pets and many other complimentary services.

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