Loads of Fun on Your San Francisco Holiday

San Francisco lies on the California coast, separating the Pacific Ocean on the west from San Francisco Bay on the east. A paragon of diversity, its people, its culture, and its landmarks make it easy for visitors to leave their hearts in San Francisco.

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The Golden Gate Park welcomes visitors to their San Francisco holiday. The Golden Gate Bridge, the park’s main attraction, chronicles 200 years of the city’s history. The 1,017-acre (422 metres) park includes the celebrated Japanese Tea Garden, the oldest Japanese garden in the US, with a pond, tea house, and Japanese and Chinese plants. Visitors can buy some tea and cookies, and enjoy them while they relax by the streams. De Young Museum, a museum of fine art named after the newspaperman M.H. de Young, features a 44-metre observation tower, with fantastic views of the Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse, Golden Gate, and Marin Headlands.

Pier 39 is a festival marketplace that’s a tourist magnet where guests can indulge in some family fun. The Aquarium of the Bay is a 300-foot clear tunnel that’s home to 20,000 marine animals, including the notorious bay predators -- the sevengill sharks. The sea lions, also known as “sea-lebrities” are well-loved for their amazing intelligence and endearing friendliness. Street performers abound, featuring tricksters, magicians, comedians, and mimes. The Turbo Ride takes kids on an exciting 4D movie adventure, where wind and smoke machines, strobe lighting, and motion effects add to the thrillingly realistic experience. Other kiddie delights include the Riptide Arcade and San Francisco Carousel. Pier 39 is also dotted with numerous shops and bay view restaurants; perfect spots to take a break after rounds of raucous fun.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the largest Chinese community outside China. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s statue stands proudly on Grant Avenue, along with stores, restaurants, and mini-malls. Portsmouth Square is where enthusiasts converge to practice Tai Chi, a Chinese form of gentle callisthenics, and where old men gather for a game of Chinese chess.

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