Load up on fun, booze, and entertainment at Temple Bar

Temple Bar, with its narrow, criss-crossing, cobblestone streets, as well as numerous bars and pubs, is a special place that you shouldn't miss on your Dublin break. The cultural hub of Dublin, it's also the centre of the city’s nightlife, and a paradise for any traveller.

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You’ll find the most important cultural venues in Temple Bar, with its curio shops, trendy art galleries, and music and TV recording studios. The best place to see contemporary Irish artwork is the Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, which houses up to 30 studios and 2 exhibition spaces, the biggest of its kind in the country.

Visit the Irish Film Centre, a cool spot for movies, eating, or just people-watching; another place to go to is the Temple Bar Music Centre, a concert hall where you can watch up-and-coming musical talents. Here you’ll find a 340-seat audience hall at the ground floor, recording studios at the basement, an information centre at the first 2 floors, and a music school at the 3rd floor.

Looking for a place to bring the kids? Check out The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre, a theatre with a child-sized auditorium, child-height windows, and a revolving stage that opens out to Meeting House Square for outdoor plays.

If you’re looking for a place to have a couple of rounds, you’ll find dozens of good pubs at Temple Bar. Try Mulligans, popular for its fine Guinness; regulars are often a mix of students and journalists. Go to Stag’s Head, a pub made of oak, for some fine grub. Another place is Thing Mote, where you can grab a window seat for a view of the city; they have decent food by day, and great music by night. At Porterhouse you’ll find a quaint microbrewery-pub serving excellent beer, including Oyster stout. Peter’s Pub is a gem, small and friendly, with lots of character; the George is Dublin’s Gay institution, but gets a mixed crowd during the weekends.

Dublin was voted friendliest European city in 2007, so after spending a day visiting the cultural sites, head for the nearest Temple Bar pub and share a Guinness with someone.

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