Living like a [Gypsy] King in France

Are you watching the walls close in around you? Will you be out of a job soon or on the run from the bailiffs? Do you think hotels are overrated? Or did you simply think that Snatch was a cracking flick and fancy being a bit of a gypsy for a while – o.k. you don’t have to wear the once-were-white Y-fronts that Brad sported while his “periwinkle blue” caravan burned to a cinder in front of his eyes......

So why not try a gypsy caravan holiday in France? If you thought the trend for 'cool' camping had gone as far as it could, you'd be wrong. This summer saw Canvas Holidays adding gypsy caravan-style accommodation to its programme of family camping holidays in France.

The roulottes de campagne sleep up to five people each and are available at four rural locations across France: Limousin, Poitou-Charentes, Midi Pyrénées and the Auvergne. The catch? You can forget the open road, as the roulettes are permanently grounded within campsites - albeit small, rural ones – though that doesn’t mean you can’t sit on your steps and chew a blade of grass, or polish the Tefal kettle. And with Ryanair flights covering close to all these destinations for the price of a Sacred Heart picture there’s nothing stopping you.

Caravans can be rented from £168 pp pw. Give Canvas Holidays a shout on 0845 268 0827, . You may discover that the gypsies are on to something....you don’t hear them fretting about the economic blah-de-blah now do you?

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