Living Large in Dubai Hotels

Bold buildings mark Dubai as a place of grandeur. Jumeirah Mosque is an example of modern Islamic architecture and a popular tourist destination. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House lords over the waterfront, a museum which was once the home of the aristocratic Al-Maktoum family. Burj Nahar, one of the watchtowers of Dubai, stands guard against hostile neighbours, all the while surrounded by picturesque gardens. Such splendour, however, can be enjoyed at a budget that isn’t as colossal. Just try out these Dubai hotels.

Florida Hotel Dubai is located amid the souks, a few minutes’ drive away from Dubai International Airport and the Dubai World Trade Center. This Dubai hotel offers clean rooms as well as services such as courtesy coaches and airport transfers. The staff can also assist in planning a city tour.

Backpackers on a budget will appreciate Hotel Delhi Darbar, where India has made its way into Dubai. Located in a lively area, this Dubai hotel’s rooms are spacious and clean. Nearby attractions includes the Heritage House, once the home of pearl merchant Sheikk Ahmed bin Dalmouk. One can also enjoy cruising through the adjacent creek on a water taxi or abra.

In the midst of all the action is Landmark Plaza Hotel, located by the stores and shawarma stands of Nasser Square. Fur shops occupy the first level of this Dubai hotel, while a sauna and gym can be found higher up the building. Although the rooms are eclectic, the basics are provided for the budget traveller.

Other choices for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on lodgings include Deira Palace Hotel, Pacific Hotel, and Ramee International Hotel, all in Deira.

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