Live the Posh Life in Inexpensive Paris Hotels

We all know Paris is a city of glitz and glamour, but who says you have to starve to stay here? Here is a list of low-cost hotels we found:

Hotel de Nevers, a popular choice for budget travellers, offers basic accommodations for a maximum of 4 persons per room; its rates vary depending on the capacity of the room. Travellers rave about its convenient location, cleanliness, and cheap rates. If you’re simply looking for a place to crash in, this is your best bet.

Book a room in Perfect Hotel and you’ll know that it's a fitting name; it has clean rooms, nice personnel, and a friendly ambiance. Want to go shopping? This budget hotel is perfect for you, since it's close to big department stores such as Galeries Lafayette.

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Another favourite of budget travellers in Paris is Hotel Bonsejour Montmartre, where you can choose from basic rooms and rooms with balconies. Located at the heart of Montmartre, this hotel is a good takeoff point to must-see places, such as Coffee Tobacco of the Two Mills, The Cabaret of the Nimble Rabbit, and French singer Dalida’s old house.

Want a hotel that’s close to famous Paris sites? Try Fred’Hotel, which is accessible from major tourist attractions, such as Champs Elysées and State de France stadium. For a cheap price, you can have a room with wireless Internet, TV, direct dial phone, heating, and hairdryer.

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