Live it up in Lisbon… for a very low price

Take your pick of these Lisbon hotels, sure to fit any budget and every requirement.

Residencia Mar dos Acores in Conde Redondo is described as charming, with its 19th century style and lovely Azulejo tiles; they have a multilingual staff, offer late breakfasts, and even orthopaedic mattresses. Near discos, beaches and football stadiums, this low-cost hotel in Lisbon is within reach of everything you need.

For a budget hotel in Lisbon, Residencia Nazareth gets very good reviews; close to the Parque metro station and shopping areas, the hotel has a bar and offers laundry services, and you even get breakfast for free. If you visit during Christmas, you pay a lower price for any of the rooms.

Jardim da Amadora is another choice for your Lisbon holiday, with clean, cheap, and basic rooms. Among the places nearby are the main train station, a supermarket, and the top-rated Gambrinus restaurant. Also within the vicinity are Lisbon Zoo, where you can see animals from lions to dolphins, and the Oceanarium, with each of the world’s 5 oceans represented in its aquariums.

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Near the Pombal Square is Residencial Mozambique, which is a small yet cheap hotel in Lisbon; this hotel is quiet, low-cost and clean. From the hotel, the legendary Cinemateca Portuguesa, with its film archives, exhibition rooms, restaurant and bookstore, is just a short walk away; also nearby are Hot Clube, where you can listen to excellent jazz, and Kenichi, where Japanese cuisine is available.

Hotel S Juliao is the place for a quick stay on a tight budget; for those backpacking around Lisbon, you can have your pick of non-smoking and smoking rooms. Take in the scenery from the hotel balcony, or from the National Pantheon of Santa Engracia nearby, where you can take the elevator for a wider view of Lisbon. After all the sightseeing, have some Chinese at the Estoril Mandarin, also within the vicinity.

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