Lithuania Holidays and the Charming Curonian Spit

A sand dune peninsula in a remote part of Lithuania takes tourists to a remarkable world of seemingly endless natural attractions. A World Heritage Site, the Curonian Spit is a natural monument, and one of the many reasons to go on a Lithuania holiday.

The elongated Curonian Spit stretches out for 98 kilometres. On its west is the Baltic Sea, and on the east is a huge lagoon. Its spectacular beaches and beautiful national parks attract hordes of tourists annually, but its distinct undisturbed ambience is what sets it apart from other natural attractions.

According to Baltic Mythology, the spit was formed by a powerful girl named Neringa, while she was playing on the seashore. Dating back to 5000 years ago, the peninsula was once a major pagan centre that was seriously deforested, and painstakingly revived through reforestation efforts. It is for this reason the spit was declared a World Heritage Site in 2001.

Among the popular attractions of the spit is its largest town, Nida, a holiday resort featuring a lush forest, shifting sand dunes, and a mysterious lagoon. Visit the Thomas Mann House, a memoriam to the German Nobel Prize winner and writer of Dr. Faustus. Mann was so enamoured by the peninsula. Other expressionists such as Karl-Schmidt Rottluff, Ernst Ludvig Kirschner, and Eric Heckel have explored this part of the spit, and have been inspired by it.

The Parnidge dune is famous among tourists for its incredible views. Panoramic scenes of the town, lagoon, pine forest, Baltic Sea, and shifting dunes overwhelm tourists on their Lithuania holidays. Meanwhile, the settlement Smiltynė is especially famous during summer, when beach bums frolick on the breathtaking beaches during weekends.

Tourists who love wildlife should explore the spit on a bicycle, as its flat cycling trail provides opportunities for sighting elk, deer, avian wildlife and more. A colony of grey herons and cormorants, along with relaxing views of pine trees, can be glimpsed at the south of Juodkrantė.

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