Lights, camera, room service: Real-life movie sets you can stay in

Fancy a bit of movie magic on your next holiday? Try staying at a hotel already immortalised on the silver screen and then watch that when you get home rather than your own shaky self-shot and poorly lit holiday videos. These hotels offer a real cinematic treat, and luckily for you, not at blockbuster prices.

Royal Station Hotel, Carnforth from Brief Encounter

Stiff upper lips, repressed sexual tension and a thoroughly British unrequited love affair. You can relive the magic of David Lean’s classic 1945 romance from £47 a night.

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii from Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A perfect destination for a honeymoon, hopefully you’ll be staying here under more pleasant circumstances than the unlucky and recently dumped Jason Segel in this bawdy comedy directed by co-writer Nick Stoller. Watch out for Russell Brand as sex-obsessed rocker Aldous Snow in a role that must have been a struggle for him to pull off.

Hotel des Chevaliers, Paris from Hotel Chevalier (prologue to The Darjeeling Limited)

While we can’t promise a naked Natalie Portman in your room, you can still enjoy the exquisitely appointed rooms from this Wes Anderson short film. Doubles start at £122

The Fairmont, San Francisco from Vertigo

Located at the top of Nob Hill, this has been a firm favourite with directors ever since Alfred Hitchcock shot Vertigo here in 1958. It has since turned up as a supporting character in The Towering Inferno, Sudden Impact and The Rock.

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