Experience the drama of the coast with lighthouse rentals in the UK

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the TV series Coast might have indulged in a few fantasies about what it is like to live right at the sea's edge. Those dreams can become reality with the availablilty of lighthouse rentals in the UK. These dramatic towers can offer a cosy and spectacular location for your next weekend break or summer escape.

Circular bedroom joy

There are numerous potential lighthouse rentals in the UK, although, unsurprisingly, demand is high for this kind of escape, so you will need to book well in advance.

In Somerset, the Burnham High lighthouse allows families to rent the whole tower and sleep in the circular rooms, spread over eight different floors. The views across the Bristol Channel are spectacular and there is even the promise that the place is haunted.

The 17th century Old Lighthouse on St Ann's Head in Pembrokeshire offers a choice between comfortable accommodation in the apartment below the tower, or a larger space within the tower itself. The Atlantic sunsets are among the obvious attractions on this wild stretch of coastline.

Scotland is particularly well-served for lighthouse rentals in the UK, with its rocky coastline requiring numerous warning lights.

The weather in the Orkneys tends to be bleak and dramatic, but for an escape from the mainland, it's difficult to beat the 19th century lighthouse at Cantick Head on the isle of Hoy, overlooking Scapa Flow. It sleeps three but is an ideal romantic refuge for couples.

Even further north, the Bressay lighthouse in Shetland offers two pretty cottages below the lighthouse tower, each sleeping six. The sea views are spectacular.

Light sleepers

Lighthouse rentals in the UK are not suitable for everybody. Although some lighthouse keepers' cottages are adapted for the disabled, staying in a tower is probably not an option for the infirm or for very young children. Look closely at the safety specifications before booking. And don't worry, you won't be expected to operate the light during your stay.

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