Life is sweet at the Pudding Club

They meet every Friday night in a Cotswolds hotel with the sole purpose of devouring sticky British desserts: they call themselves the Pudding Club. And there are rules, as barked out by MC Peter Henderson. The first rule of Pudding Club is you may eat only one pudding at a time. The second rule of Pudding Club is you may have your next helping of pudding only when you have completely finished your last.

Even the rooms are desertfully themed; there's the Sticky Toffee room, the Spotted Dick room, the Chocolate suite and the Oriental Ginger Syrup Sponge room. The meeting place for this epicurean delight is the Three Ways House Hotel in the Cotswolds - a boutique hotel of sorts whose décor is both subtle and chic.

The Pudding Club meets every Friday night at the Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton, Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. threewayshousehotel.com/puddingclub.html. If you've got a sweet tooth, check it out....

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