Great Lidl breaks to Galway

Are you looking for a break away from all the stresses? You should seriously consider checking out Lidl breaks in Galway.

Galway is a beautiful part of the world which to visit. Situated on the West coast of Ireland and with its awesome scenery, Gaelteacht areas, beautiful hotels, historical sites, combined with great bars and restaurants makes Galway a definite must see.

As luck would have it or it could be your destiny, there is a great company called Lidl who are supplying breaks to Galway at the minute for ridicously cheap prices.

Lidl breaks in Galway are currently available for very cheap with it coming up to the time everyone is looking for to get away for a break.For a stay in the magnificent part of Galway that is Connemara in the luxurious Carna Bay Hotel it can be yours for 60 euro a night which is very good. And because this is a family room buy a breakfast and a child under ten stays for free another added incentive.

Connemara might not be exactly where you want to stay so Lidl have another offer which is the same price but will take you to the beautiful and luxurious Arches Hotel in Claregalway.

The two hotels that i have mentioned above would be the envy of many people.So make people jealous today by logging on to www.lidl-breaks.ie and book your Lidl breaks in Galway. Once you are booked up, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the craic in Galway.



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