Types of Libra Holidays 2011 Vacation Packages

When traveling on vacation, people want to ensure they get the best deal possible. Libra Holidays 2011 vacation packages provide just that. The company focuses on holiday deal packages in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Dubai and Egypt. The company is an independent operator of tours. Vacationers can book holiday travels using a Libra Holidays representative.

The Libra Holidays 2011 tour packages feature 5 star resort stays, budget accommodations and customized holiday tours. Packages include flights, travel arrangements, transportation and information resource guides. Tourists get everything they need to be well informed and have a personalized vacation.

Taj Mahal Package

This package is a 3 day, 2 night deal. Travelers who seek to visit and explore the Taj Mahal can do so. Visit the Fatehpur Sikri and travel the city of Agra. Stay in the Delhi luxury hotel. Cost for this package is £219 per person.

Holidays in Cyprus

This package costs £219 for a exclusive holiday in Cyprus. Travelers can stay at the Hylatio Village. The village boasts of beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodations. The village consists of furnished studio apartments and provide for a relaxing, luxury feel.

Libra Holidays Accommodations

There is a unique theme to the accommodations provided by Libra Holidays. The majority of their deal specials include apartment and studio style rooms. These rooms feature an open kitchen layout, balconies and terraces. The rooms also feature bathrooms, shower and at least two bedrooms. The whole theme is to feel as if you were at home. For customized vacation tours, contact a Libra Holidays sales rerpesentative by phone. The representative will discuss the various special and deal packages. You can plan your own schedule, hotel, and flight package with Libray Holidays.



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