LGBT holiday favourites

It might be a far cry from going on your normal package holiday and staying at a family-orientated resort in Tenerife or the Maldives, but finding out where LGBT folks go on holiday to usually means finding out some of the best places to look stylish, soak up some culture and enjoy a party (pretty much every night!)


Emerging as one of the most sought after tourism destinations, for straight and gay people, Valencia boasts the ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences as its backdrop, fantastic paella-based dishes as its cuisine and two great hang-outs: Deseo 54 on Calle Pepita for the guys and Som Com Com on Calle Cádiz for the girls.


The epicentre of Latin American LGBT activity, this city is well known for its uncomplicated, down-to-earth scene, helped, in part, by Colombia granting legal rights to its gay couples in 2009. Head to the Chipinero district with its colourful bars and cafes and enjoy the Theatron nightclub at Calle 58 for an electric night out for guys and girls.


Maybe not quite as flamboyant as its neighbour, Sao Paolo in Brazil, Chile's capital is starting to come into its own. The gay centre of the town revolves around the Barrio Bellavista area, hosting exotically named clubs such as Bohkara and Bunker (and 'Femme by Bunker' - for girls maybe?) For curing those deadly hangovers the next day, take in some of Santiago's eclectic museums and sample its legendary cuisine.

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