Let the music play.

If you’ve always wanted to dance the night away, there’s nowhere quite like Vienna for a romantic twirl on the dance floor. What better place to chose for your dancing destination than the Austrian capital, whose ball season starts on New Year’s Eve and runs for three months.

So if you want to bring some romance into the New Year, ladies put on a ballgown and get your other half to a don a tail coat, and you’re all set to take to the floor. Venues include the lavish Opera Ball in the 19th-century Opera House, reports BBC Travel.

The experts say that there’s no dance as magical but as hard to perfect as the Waltz, so chances are you’ll be looking for some classes. Schools offer tuition to individuals and couples who need to learn to dance in record time. The classes are a grandiose experience in themselves with stunning classrooms including the Pallavicini Palace, where Mozart and Beethoven performed, and a baroque hall.

Go to http://www.wien.info/en/music-stage-shows/dance/dance-classes for a list of places where you can learn this fabulous dance. Easy Jet (easyjet.com) flies to Vienna from London Gatwick.

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