Booking a Leisure Time coach holidays

Due to the current economic climate people are trying to get the best value possible for their holiday and a perfect way to do this is with a coach holiday. You will always find a good price on a coach holiday and from start to finish it is packed with things to do. Leisure Time coach holidays have some wonderful offers for coach tours of Great Britain and Ireland and Europe and below we will show you some of the best on the market.

The 'Haven of the Pyranees' is the first leisure time coach holidays we have. A trip to the small state of Andorra which is sandwiched in between Spain and France. This is a tax-free haven and offers beautiful mountain terrain and a mild climate which enjoys many days of sunshine each year. Due to this it boasts beautiful flora and fauna. This is a seven night tour which starts with the boat from Dover before landing in Andorra. You will then visit the Foix and Ax-les-Thermes before having a day to spend at your own leisure in Andorra. Day five will be an Andorran scenic tour and lastly a trip to the French medievel town of Carcassonne. All this will cost just £329 per person from leisuretime.co.uk.

Staying a little bit closer to home is the 'Heart of Ireland' tour where you will sample good food, friendly people and beautiful countryside in one of Leisure Time's most popular destinations. After arriving in Dublin you will have three days of leisure as well as the options to travel to Kilkenny and the Wicklow Mountains on excursions. For five days this will cost you £259 per person.

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