A quick guide to visiting Legoland

Legoland Windsor is a theme park designed with children in mind and located in Windsor, Berkshire. As its name suggests, the park is themed around the popular Lego toy system and it has been operating since 1996. Conveniently located just 8 miles west of the Heathrow Airport, the park is mainly targeting children between 3 and 12, but it is actually fun for all ages.

The first thing to know about visiting Legoland is that the park is actually bigger than you might think. It is not possible to cover all the attractions and rides in a single day, so an annual pass might worth its price, especially if you live in the vicinity.

The attractions that await you in Legoland are numerous and diverse, so the chances of getting bored are minimal. There are more than 50 interactive rides, building workshops, live shows and other attractions spread on more than 150 acres of parkland. The largest concentration of LEGO bricks is to be found in Miniland, where more than 49 million pieces have been employed to recreate lively scenes from all over Europe and America.

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the entire park, do not miss the Hill Train, which will take you from “The Beginning” to the centre of the park and all the way back. The Waterworks are worth exploring, as the children will be thrilled to meet a talking rhino, press countless buttons and getting as wet as they want. If the kids love pirates, make sure you get to the Pirate Goldwash in the Wild Woods, where the little one can pan for gold and exchange it in the end for a golden medallion.

If you plan to remain overnight in the Windsor area, make sure you book your hotel rooms in advance, especially during peak season. Some of the hotels that you may try for a visit to Legoland include the Legoland Resort Hotel, Berystede Hotel and Spa, Holiday Inn Guildford and Hilton Bracknell.

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