Legoland Manchester deals, prices, tickets and discounts

Legoland Discover Center in Manchester at the Trafford Centre is a great way to get the kids out of the house and doing something active. Here is a brief look at the prices for tickets and various deals and discounts that are available.

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An all day single visit ticket for children 3 and over is £18.95 if bought at the Center and £9.95 online. Thankfully, children that are 2 and under are free to enter but if you are a parent with a child between 3-5 years old, you will need to pay £33.90 at the counter or £13.50 online.

Here is a breakdown of Annual Passes available if you think you will visit often enough to get your moneys worth:

  • - Individual Annual Pass for one adult or child is £35 and £25 if renewed.
  • - Family for 2 adults and 2 children is £120 and £75 if renewed. Any additional child is £25 but £20 if renewed.

Another option is to purchase a Legoland/Sea Life combination ticket. If you purchase a ticket for one attraction, you will get the second one at half price. This is only £23 at the counter or £20 per person for an adult and child 5 and under and needs to be purchased online at least one day prior to the visit.

There are also various discounts that are available to you if you shop around. Tesco Clubcard users can convert their points into vouchers, and the Center also has a £5 off Ticket Back offer. Take time to read the terms and conditions for these discounts by visiting the Legoland website.

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