The lowdown on the Legoland junior builder week

The LEGOLAND junior builder week is held every spring half-term at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel. It's a great chance for kids to test their Lego building skills and be judged by one of the resort's Master Builders. It's also the only way to get into LEGOLAND during February, as the park is on its winter shut-down at that time.

Family break

The LEGOLAND junior builder week might be for the little ones to test their skills, but it's also an opportunity for the whole family to get away. The family overnight adventure currently starts at £99 for a night in the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel, breakfast in the morning and activities throughout the day.


Aside from taking part in the LEGOLAND junior builder week, visitors have access to the indoor pirate themed splash pool that has lots of water-filled surprises for kids of all ages. There is also a LEGO treasure hunt in the hotel where secret goodies are hidden in every room.

Themed rooms

The hotel has 150 rooms and each is themed. Visitors can chose from LEGO Pirates, Adventure or Kingdom when they stay at LEGOLAND Windsor and then enjoy a meal in the Bricks Family restaurant surrounded by bespoke LEGO models.

Junior builder

The kids don't have to be LEGO experts to get involved but a love of playing with the stuff will help them get the most out of the activity. If your children take part, they'll walk away from the event with a LEGOLAND Certificate of Model Making Excellence which they pick up at the graduation ceremony.

Booking up

If you're interested in taking your children the next LEGOLAND junior builder week in February during the spring half-term holidays, you should check out legoland.co.uk where you'll be able to find out more about the event and make your booking. LEGOLAND recommend booking in advance as spaces are limited.

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