Guide to Legoland holiday breaks

Legoland holiday breaks

Ah Lego, the source of so much enjoyment for so many childhoods of the last sixty odd years. And now what better way to relive ones childhood or introduce a new generation to the plastic brick companies delights than a trip to Legoland.

When planning a trip to Legoland one must first decide which park to visit. Of course when people think of Lego they think of its homeland Denmark and the park located there and also the extremely popular British counterpart. I was totally unaware of the Legoland’s in Gunzburg, Germany and even San Diego, America.

A further park in Florida is expected to open at the end of 2011. I chose the U.K Park in Windsor for the purposes of this review. The official website itself legolandholidays.co.uk is very user friendly and frequently offers special deals. A family of four can stay in the Slough Windsor Copthorne for as little as £256 a night. This includes breakfast, tickets to Legoland and an additional night for free!

Another useful site I found was budgetfamilybreaks.co.uk. It offers even cheaper deals than the official site for those working on a budget. It is also an official partner of Legoland so you need not worry about levels of quality. They offer two tickets for the price of one and a family of four can stay in the Holiday Inn for £164 a night. Again this includes breakfast and the all-important park tickets.

So for a highly enjoyable value for money getaway for all the family I would thoroughly recommend Legoland holiday breaks.

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